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Good morning! Welcome to my website this Sunday!soviet medium tank T-28 when powdering with feminine 'paints'

I'm Michał (Mike), I live in Poland in the city of Jaworzno, and on this website I will post pictures of plastic models made by myself. I started my adventure with modelling at the end of 2018 and it should be considered a return to my childhood hobby after many years.

I focus here on models of warships (mainly battleships and cruisers) from World War II and military vehicles (usually tanks) also from World War II. I try my best, and although I'm not the best, the effect isn't always impressive. I prefer small, even miniature models, that's why my favorite scale is 1/700 (or 1/720) for ships and 1/72 for vehicles, and such scales will be most frequently represented in the galleries. Other machines (e.g. planes), other historical periods and other scales will appear very rarely, because they are off the beaten track of my modeling interests. I also don't have any favorite military formations or conflict countries. Probably the most numerous are German equipment. However, this isn't due to some sick need to intercourse with Nazi military, but it's caused by the best availability of such models on the market.

I make all the weathering and "wear and tear" of the models using ... all my wife's eye shadows and powders. I don't even want to know what will happen when she finds out that I'm spoiling all those women's "ashes" (see photo next) ;)

That's probably it for the introduction. I invite You to the gallery. The photographs are described according to a common scheme: model name, scale, manufacturer of the set, date of making, any comments and some additional description. I adopted the principle that individual models are sorted in galleries by date of making - the latest projects at the top. Thanks to this solution, you can also assess how my technique has changed (improved?).

Have a nice day and positive reception!

PS: please don't write me a messages about what a hopeless (pseudo)modeller I am. I'm aware of this and even this awareness doesn't stop me from continuing to play :)
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